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The Tome and the Christ [Mar. 4th, 2004|10:17 am]
The Council of Nine


Hear ye, noble lords! The Tome of Knowledge has now recieved its signature from all nine councilmen, thus our journey and insights may be shared throughout the free land. Our name must be spread like wildfire throughout local and rivaling communities, ever questing on the search for myrmidons and patrons alike. We must not succumb to feelings of ennui, for the Tome of Knowledge is the offical word of the lord and we must treat it as such. Certainly, this fact does indeed conflict with the views of the followers of King James, though we must be strong in our righteousness, making sure not to flout it, though also not to remain timid in witnessing to your fellow brothers. The word of the tome must be spread.

Though the Bible has its many truths and accuracies, it fails to mention the Council of Nine, therefore its words are decietful and dangerous. While King James's scripture recalls Christ dying for our sins, the Tome Of Knowledge recalls his fate in opposition:

The Christ approached the council, his head troubled. The wise storyteller lifted the chin of the savior to be and smiled. He told the bearded man that his sacrifice can be absolutely painless, if he would only offer his support to the council. Jesus questioned the Storyteller, though he was positive that no councilmen could be associated with the devil.
"But what of my sacrifice?" The Christ asked. "They cannot say I will have suffered for them."
"Alas, my friend, to have lived a life without wenches and wine is to suffer."

The Christ then shook his head and dissappeared into the fog. The Storyteller then shouted "So, it tommorow at noon a good time for me to murder you?"

He turned, and said unto us "I mustn't let you do that, for my blood would then remain on the hands of all Councilmen. You are the true chosen people. Yes, I know, it's supposed to be the jews, but that was actually said in irony."

The storyteller replied: "Your blood would not be shed! I will cover your head with a cloth, trapping air from entering your body."

The Christ paused, and smiled. "But who would wear a cloth around their neck?"</i>

-The Storyteller-