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Emolution: The Saga continues [Mar. 17th, 2004|07:13 pm]
The Council of Nine


After the night at the common Hardback when my Emolution occurred I was changed completely. I started to feel as though I was more hardcore I was a lot angrier I was screamo! The first two weeks touring with hot water in Europe was amazing then tensions and egos began to flare between my new bandmates and I. Chuck had felt that the spotlight he had once basked his glorious physique in was being stolen me. I tried so vigorously to convince Chuck other wise but he would not listen and went into a state of depression that the likes of Emo had never seen. Chuck would refuse to drink his daily gallon of Rye-Whiskey and was not showing up to our rehearsals. Then one night we got the news that Chuck had quit the band. This devastating blow to the nuts was excruciating what were we to do, was Hot Water Music really finished?…