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A boy named Emo [Mar. 17th, 2004|07:15 pm]
The Council of Nine


A Boy Named Emo
By Beau Parks
I was walking down EMOSTREET when I heard a thunderous cry coming from the Common Hardback. As I approached and got closer I saw it was my good friend Chuck Ragan of HWM. I asked to him to state his business, he explained to me the night before Chris Wollard screamed so hard at their show that his throat fell out. He pleaded with me to be the second lead singer of the most awesome band to ever walk the earth. All of a sudden a burst Anti-Emo happiness rushed over me and I gladly accepted the offer. It was about two o’clock in the afternoon about five hours to the show, and I awaited my chance to impress all of Gainesville and evolve into SCREAMO. At about two-thirty I was lucky it was late cause I had a little fuel for the hate game in my difference engine. The radio played freely in Gainesville that night with the sweet songs composed by D-Caff Hot water in my tub music on my radio. It had felt like 220 years for my debut when George Rebello and Jason Black saved the day and told me it was our turn to get the kids up. Although we were playing Drunken Thrice I felt my ovaries start to quiver and heard the deadbolt unlock and prepared my self!