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I have been forsaken [Mar. 18th, 2004|01:57 pm]
The Council of Nine


Not but three fort nights ago I The Mad Medic was having a rambunctious roudy time with other fellows and one other member of ye Council of Nine. When Out from nowhere came the town sherrif with bad news for all. It is not permitted to camp on the kings land and drinking under the age bestowed on those of the age VVI is not allowed. Suddenly I was apprehended my efforts to escape thwarted by the toxin level of my body. Drank the elixir of miller I had and was paralized from any thinking or sudden movement. The sheriff then joined me by his steed and offered me a choice. Appear before the Duke of Brevard or face the consequences. While being repremanded a certian member of the Council of whom I beleive to be a defector made rude comments and made fun of me while I was in a time of perill. To this member I will not name thee but watch what you do for I am crazy and could have easily taken down you and you r quote unquote lady or whatever so thanks should be showered upon me for not selling ye 2 out gentlemen I had no choiice I had to make this public I hope it does not put a scar on The Council I bid you all adieux