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Chuck falls deeper.... [Mar. 19th, 2004|05:42 pm]
The Council of Nine


As George, Jason, and myself all sat and wondered about the future of Hot Water Music, Chuck had most certainly gone off the edge. You see the lead singer of Dashboard confessionals was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died while crying alone. So Chuck jumped on the opportunity to reinvent himself, but not as the God of Thunder as he used to be known, but as the Duke of Emo. He Joined the Dashboard Confessionals and screamed his infidelities about Hot Water Music. Truly stunned by this turn of events I could not let the band that I once idolized become nothing more than a fart in the wind. Then one day while warming up my vocals by swallowing thumbtacks it dawned on me where was Chris Wollard? It was strange but know one had seemed to notice that Chris just wasn’t around! I searched all over Gville for the long lost member of HWM. My leads were strong, but nothing led me to him. Until one day I saw Chris at the Star bright café all the way down in Ybor city. I ran to Chris and asked him for a moment of his time. With a loud booming cry he replied sure kid go ahead. But, but your throat fell out while you were singing I said it cant be? Chris then explained to me that he had the vocal chords of an howler monkey the loudest land animal in the world implanted in him and was merely taking a break before he returned to HWM. We talked for hours and I told him how Chuck had become quite Emo and Joined Dashboard Outraged by this news Chris and I schemed a plan to get Chuck Ragan back into HWM with all the original members back to the way it was…

to be continued