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The forest of Sir Starkey - The Council of Nine [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Council of Nine

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The forest of Sir Starkey [Feb. 8th, 2004|09:38 pm]
The Council of Nine


A fortnight ago, I, the Storyteller, and the Mage Slayer journeyed into the dark forest of Sir Starkey, to celebrate the anniversary of birth for the great princess of Park of Lakes. We humbly dismounted our steeds and traveled the path into the unknown, only a few footsteps away from the Leaning Tree of Wisdom.

Unlike the Tree of Deku or the Tree of Giving, The leaning Tree of Wisdom does not speak to knights nor dispel poetry, reeking of faggotry. No, for this tree is one of great valor and silent solutide. They say it bends so that evil may not reach the heavens through it. The Tome of Knowledge is written using wood from this tree.

The fine people of the town arrived, drinking wine and becoming merry. As councilmen, the Mage Slayer and I abstained from their jovial practices, though I did imbibe a smidgeon of their festive drink, the Mage Slayer taking the plunge into the great lake of Pepsi, and inhaling its waters.

Levelheaded and strong, we gathered wood for the great flame. The Mage Slayer unwisely brandished his torch, nearly scathing the good townspeople. I informed him that arsonry is not the way of the Councilmen, and he conceeded. He threw his torch into the flames and we sang songs of Justice, Honesty and Begrudgement! Long Live the Council of Nine!

-The Storyteller

[User Picture]From: sexydecoy
2004-02-13 07:57 pm (UTC)


Consider thyne self a councilmen. Now, all you need is an alias (I am 'The Storyteller', sir Dan of Caffrey is 'The Hammer', and Lord Micheal of Balletta is 'The Mage Slayer') as well as a lance, steed and the great tome of knowledge!

Long Live the Council of Nine!
Justice, Honesty and Begrudgement!
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