The Council of Nine

Justice, Honesty and Begrudgement!

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"What is the Council of the Nine ye asks?"

"We are a council, of mages and hearty adventurers, scholars of the arcane and magic. We are dedicated to aiding those in need and ridding our fair land of the evil that has plagued it in recent times. Tis our responsibility to scribe and protect the Tome of Knowledge

Beware our swords and sheilds as we behead dragons and dishonor evil sorcerers. Our quest is mighty, our goal even mightier. The fat of the land shall be rummaged and turniped as we swipe our gargantuan lances and bestow might blows upon our opposers. Henceforth and post-haste, we shall ride into the night as our mighty tribe raises their weapons in victory! JUSTICE, TRUTH and, above all, Begrudgement!

-The Council of Nine